Our story


Hey! We're Kim and Damon. LA-based creators, fervid DIYers and founders of Octobod. 

We started making our products during the Covid pandemic, when we became acutely aware of two things: we wanted to take better care of ourselves and our surroundings.

That meant not only cleaning up what we put into our bodies, but what we put ON our bodies. And, of course, it meant making some changes to our consumer choices. During lockdown, we couldn't believe how much plastic packaging came through the door with each online purchase.

It all began when Damon ran out of shave cream and, not wanting to wait for a new one to arrive in the mail, had to borrow Kim's. It was an awakening - the natural ingredients didn't leave his face feeling tight or dried out like his usual product did. The next day his shave cream arrived in a plastic tube, bubble wrapped, inside a bubble mailer. He never used it. Before sundown, Kim had made a better alternative, designed just for him, using only a few natural ingredients and skipping the plastic altogether.

Damon loved it, and so did his friends. Pretty quickly, one product led to another, and we found ourselves solely using products made by us. At the same time, we were stopping half a dozen pieces of plastic from hitting the landfill, four or five times a year, from a single bathroom.

Over the next two years, we perfected them, defined our brand values and are proud to now offer our first line of products, free of harsh chemicals and plastic packaging. But we've only just started: we're a small company with giant plans, so get in and join us!

Welcome to Octobod, we're so glad you're here.