Why do you use plastic-free packaging?
Simply put, most single-use plastic never gets recycled. It ends up in a landfill or in the ocean. Learn more here.


Is a paper deodorant tube less durable than a plastic one?
Entirely possible, but we think it's a small price to pay. The paper card tube should stand up to its intended two months of use without too much trouble, although it may start to fray a little towards the end. A plastic one lasts two months as well, but then unfortunately sticks around for another 400 years which, in our mind, is a far greater design flaw. If you're a subscriber, a new one will arrive just as your old one starts to tap out.


Why is there a hole in my deodorant?
We pour our deodorant hot, then flash cool it. This can cause an air bubble to form, sometimes leaving a hole on top. This is a feature of natural deodorant made by humans, not machines  - which is a good thing! Don't worry, you're still getting all of your product!


How long do your products last?
Our products are designed to give you at least two months worth of use (depending on how frequently or how much you use them), and we recommend that you start using them within six months of purchase.


Why do my soap and shampoo cubes seem to dissolve quickly?
They will last much longer if you keep them dry between use. That means, don't leave your cubes sitting for long under running water or in a pool of water. Elevate them on a slatted surface to dry. Or in a container if you really want to go the extra mile. You only need a small amount of product.


Does natural deodorant soften in the heat?
The ingredients are temperature sensitive. This is a normal feature of natural deodorant - in fact, it's a GOOD thing because that's how you know your deodorant doesn't contain any nasty stuff! If your bathroom temperature exceeds 80 degrees, the natural oils and butters may begin to soften a bit. If the softness bothers you, you'll want to keep it in a cooler place. If your bathroom temperature gets colder than about 70 degrees in the winter, it hardens up. All you need to do is "let it sit on the pit for a bit" - let your body temp warm it up before swiping.

Why do you have shave cream rather than shave foam?
Aerosol foam products have been used for decades, but can be harmful for both your health and the environment. Used to help propel the foam from the can, many aerosol products contain highly toxic chemicals such as butane, xylene and formaldehyde. These toxic ingredients often include neurotoxins and carcinogens that are extremely hazardous to our health.

Shaving creams, on the other hand, provide a better method of application, directly to the skin. Most creams are non-lathering. A tiny amount can go a long way, hydrating the skin and preparing the hairs with lubrication, ready for the razor blade. The advantage of Octobod non-lathering shave cream is that it is ultra-concentrated and provides excellent slip and protection. You don't need a brush and you need very little product. It contains 19 non-toxic, highly nourishing ingredients that protect, soothe and moisturize.


Do you use preservatives?
Yes, except for our soap and deodorant, as they are anhydrous and do not support microbial life - therefore they do not require a preservative. The preservative we use in our hydrous products is a very safe, broad-spectrum natural preservative that is free of parabens and formaldehyde. 


Does your toothpaste contain fluoride?
No - we realized that there is a growing number of people who feel that fluoride may have qualities that aren’t as good for us as we once thought. Our toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite instead, a natural element known to clean teeth effectively, and commonly used in place of fluoride.  However, we want to accommodate both camps and fully expect to launch a fluoride-based toothpaste as well in the future.


Is Octobod for men and women?
We're so glad you asked! We know that today, men and women look for similar things in their skin and body care. Quality ingredients, efficacy and commitment to ethical standards transcend gender. We also know that men and women alike are drawn to scents that do not conform to stereotypes. In fact, it's extra sexy when those lines are crossed.  We also have only one criteria for our scent profiles -  does it smell amazing? 1,000 x YES! 


Where are your products made?
All of our products are made here in sunny Los Angeles, except for our toothpaste which is made in the United Kingdom.


Where are your products available?
For now, only here on the Octobod website.


Do you ship internationally?
We only ship within the United States at the moment.


What if there is a problem with my product?
Reach out to us so we can make it right! If it is defective, we'll send you a new one. 


What should we do with the jars after using them?

We recommend that you wash the jars and re-purpose them. You can recycle them too, of course, but we like to get creative - use them for food storage containers, spare change jar, catch-all for bits and pieces in your junk drawer... In due course, we plan to offer customers the option to return an old jar to us when they order a new one, using the same box that the new one arrives in, with a pre-paid shipping label provided by us.